The Journeys of Darla, 2016
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The Journeys of Darla
This is a slide show of my summer of 2016 on my Harley. I took close to a thousand pictures and this is  just a sample of the journey. To see the entire summer with all the text please visit the thread at the Forum where I posted most of these pictures and stories.

The slide show is about 20minutes long, and if you start the attached Youtube music vidioyou will hear some of the music I did when I was at Desert Trip in early October.

Almost all of the pictures are mine, with a few exceptions which will become apparent. I thank the photographers who where close enought to get these excelent shots of the bands at Desert Trip......And I was not yet riding a Harley for one of them......

Thanks for viewing and enjoy.

It was a great summer. 
The Music,,,,,,  Pink Floyd
....start the music first..Sorry about the add, but if you click it after you can skip, then come back to the slide show.This does not work with my phone, so it will need to be viewed on your computer, if you want to listen to the music.....